# Localization

Responses are localized server-side based on the following rules listed by order of priority:

  1. User Profile
  2. IP Address
  3. Platform Settings

# Context

The I18NContext containing the perceived client's information that will be used to localize responses is provided by platform.i18n.

If needed, you can also get the client geolocation (which is not influenced by the user profile settings) from platform.access.country:

# Content Filtering

Most cms models (Category, Product, ...) can have their visibility or possible actions (such as purchase) restricted based on the user's country location (platform.access.country). This is configurable from the back office model's editor and is automatically applied by filtering API responses.

# Text

I18NString are texts localized in responses, regular String are not.

# Price

Prices are converted from the default platform currency to the user country currency and we also provide formatted price strings that you can display.